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American Military University’s Webinar Series

American Military University is offering a series of complimentary webinars to all members of the public safety community. These webinars are taught by career professionals with extensive experience in the featured topics. To view our latest webinar offerings, please visit the Law Enforcement Webinar Series. Webinar topics include:

  • DarkNet/DarkWeb Overview
  • Drone Threat to Prison Facilities
  • Airborne Law Enforcement Techniques
  • Doxing
  • Going Dark: Encryption Technology & Police Investigations
  • Digital Currencies (Bitcoin)
  • Handling Media During Critical Incidents
  • Clandestine Laboratory Analysis/Detection
  • Advanced Social Media Tools & Tactics

*Attendance at Law Enforcement webinars requires current LEO status. When registering, please use your agency email address.

  • Benefits and Challenges of Implementing a Peer Support Team
  • Violent Incident Consequence Management
  • Principal Investigator for the Firefighter Injury Research and Safety Trends (FIRST)
  • Drafting and Implementing Effective Fire Department Policies & Procedures
  • Financial Systems Management for Fire and EMS Agencies
  • Organized Response to Mass Casualty
  • Firefighter Health: Heart Healthy Solutions

Please complete the form below to be included on an email notification list announcing new webinars. Once a month you will receive an email with a registration link to the webinars scheduled for that month. If you have any questions or recommendations for topics, please send an email to webinars@apus.edu

To learn more about our current Law Enforcement Webinar offering, please visit this page.

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