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Visor Cards for Public Safety Personnel

Visor Card LogoAmerican Military University’s (AMU) Visor Cards provide a great reference to help police officers make the right decision. These laminated cards can be sent to those who work for law enforcement agencies and who are interested in learning more about the topics below:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse
  • Establishing Command
  • Human Trafficking
  • Improvised Explosive Countermeasures
  • Incident Action Plan
  • Managing The Incident Response
  • Methamphetamine Lab Advisory
  • Officer Safety Checklist
  • Officer Stress Mgmt Checklist
  • Patrol Response to Critical Incidents
  • The Role of First Responders: Fire Investigation

Visit the Visor Cards page to learn more about this complimentary resource from AMU.


  1. Do you have a visor card for communication with the hearing impaired listing signs in case there is no technology device present. Such as rape, heat attack, stroke, head trauma ,or even vehicle information, tail light out, etc

    1. Lynda, We presently do not have such a card. However, we would be interested in considering one. If you are a subject matter expert on this topic and would like to work with us on developing such a card, please reach out to at jkuhn@apus.edu and I will be happy to talk with you further. Jeff Kuhn, Associate Vice President/American Military University

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