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Should Stricter Standards Be In Place for Disaster Funds?

By Dr. Randall Hanifen

Disaster recovery funds are skyrocketing in recent years. To stymie such spending, should people be required to pass a test in order to qualify for federal response and recovery funds? Should emergency management agencies conduct hazard assessments on homes and businesses in high-threat areas to determine the one-time replacement value of the property and, once paid out, not allow rebuilding? 

Drones: Friend or Foe of Firefighters?

On July 12, a civilian-operated drone forced firefighters battling a 35-acre wildfire in Southern California to ground supporting air tankers. This was the fourth such incident in a month where a drone disrupted firefighting efforts in California. These civilian-operated drones pose significant dangers for firefighting operations.

However, the use of drones by the fire service holds many potential benefits. “Drones would be a generous increase in our capabilities regarding communication, safety, and command and control,” said Captain Peter Jensen, a 26-year wildland firefighter with the Ventura County Fire Department in California. Learn more about how unmanned aerial systems (UAS) could assist firefighters fight wildfires.