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New Designer Drug, Flakka, Hits the Streets

Police throughout the country, particularly in Florida, have been noticing a spike in the use of a new drug that users are calling “flakka.” Use of the drug is a concern as well as are the crimes that people under the influence are committing. AMU criminal justice student, Keith Graves, who has taught thousands of officers and businesses about drug investigation, shares information about the signs of intoxication and how police should pursue investigations.

Rehabilitation: A Shift in How the Criminal Justice System Addresses Drug Offenders

By Dr. Vincent Giordano, Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Public University

Since the late 1900s, there has been a shift in how the criminal justice system deals with drug offenders by creating alternatives to lengthy prison sentences. Prior to the shift, the war on drugs resulted in large numbers of individuals being incarcerated for a multitude of offenses ranging from drug possession to drug trafficking.

Are Conflicting Comments by Obama on Marijuana Policy Undermining Law Enforcement’s Drug War?

By Joseph Kripp, consultant with American Military University and
Leischen Stelter, member of the public safety team at American Military University

The debate concerning the legalization of marijuana has taken a new turn in recent months with 20 states now approving the use of marijuana for medicinal uses, and two others (Washington and Colorado) approving it for recreational use in small amounts.