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Situational and Cultural Factors Influencing Intimate Partner Violence

Domestic violence often occurs as an acute incident at first, however, time and situational factors can increase the number of incidents as well as the level of violence. Data have shown that certain racial groups and socioeconomic groups are more susceptible to experiencing domestic violence. It's important for authorities to understand how IPV is influenced by situational and cultural factors so they can help identify individuals who are most susceptible to abuse and provide them with assistance and resources immediately.

What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that every minute, 20 people in the United States are victim of some form of physical abuse by an intimate partner. Victims of this crime can be of any gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and/or economic in nature. AMU's Dr. Ron Wallace gives an overview of what you can do to learn more to help end domestic violence.

Breaking Down Barriers: New Research Suggests Women Are Just as Likely as Men to be Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

By Michael Pittaro, assistant professor, criminal justice, American Public University

Over the past few decades, criminal justice researchers, practitioners, and public policymakers have dedicated a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources to the study of domestic violence, particularly in creating and implementing programs geared towards its prevention (Pattavina, Hirschel, Buzawa, Faggiani & Bentley, 2007).