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Finding Advantage in Reality-Based Training (RBT) for Law Enforcement

The most effective way for a police officer to mentally and physically prepare for response during a stressful situation is to practice in an environment that is as close to reality as possible. Reality-based training (RBT) is a tool that law enforcement training supervisors should use to ensure their officers experience and deal with the mental and physical reactions experienced in high-stress situations so when they face a real situation, they are as prepared as possible. Here are two effective forms of simulated training to consider.

The Tactical Coffee Cup: The Value of Real-Life Training Scenarios

Many law enforcement agencies provide real-world simulation training for their officers. Recently, American Military University (AMU) heard from one law enforcement agency in Tennessee about a training simulation program that uses AMU gear as a prop to further test their officer’s response.

The Scenario
This agency uses a Ti Training simulator, which gives officers an opportunity to train in a number of scenarios using various weapon systems.