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Facing an Ethical Dilemma? State Revises Police Training on Bias and Ethics

By Leischen Stelter

At some point, police officers are bound to face an ethical dilemma. But when they do, most choose not to discuss it for fear of repercussions. When the state of Oregon saw a rise in decertifications resulting from unethical conduct, administrators decided to revise its state training program. Learn how they're incorporating behavioral science to help officers understand bias and ethical issues.

How K9 Training Has Changed Over Three Decades

By Leischen Stelter

For 28 of his 31 years in law enforcement, Robert Dougherty Jr. has worked with police dogs. When he started, most dogs were trained as single-purpose patrol K9s, but today the majority of police departments have adopted cross-training programs so dogs are proficient in several areas of detection. Learn how agencies have changed their training programs for dogs and handlers.

The Importance of EMS Recertification

By Allison G. S. Knox

In emergency medical services (EMS), certifications are an important way to make sure individuals have the appropriate knowledge and skills to continue working in the field. While the EMS recertification process may seem time-consuming and burdensome, here's why it is vital to building and maintaining skillsets.

Use of Force Training: A Career-Long Commitment

By Leischen Stelter

To ensure officers understand exactly how they can legally use force, an agency must first have clear and concise policies. After those policies have been established and vetted, the agency must deliver regular and ongoing use of force training throughout the length of every officer’s career. Learn more about the critical time when officers should receive further training.