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The Role of Local Police in the War Against Terrorism

On November 12, a double suicide bombing tore through a busy shopping district in Beirut, Lebanon killing at least 43 people and wounding more than 200 others. The next day, six seemingly coordinated attacks devastated Paris, France killing at least 129 people and wounding 352. Both attacks have been claimed by the terror group ISIS, who issued a video warning of further attacks on countries taking part in bombing Syria, specifically threatening to ‘strike’ Washington, D.C.

As the Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks demonstrate, the lines between international and domestic threats are closer than many police officers may realize. However, most police training supports the assumption that international terrorism isn’t something of significant concern to them. To shift this mindset so police officers see a bigger picture of fighting terrorism requires one thing: enhanced training. Here's how training must be expanded.

Getting to the Heart of Issues Behind Mass Shootings

After the deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, a very intelligent friend of mine posted a question on social media that got me thinking. He asked: “When are Americans going to do something about their angry 20-year-old white men with guns?” While such tragedies continue to incite the debate about gun control, it is important to remember that a gun is just a tool and such horrific incidents are perpetrated by people of all races. But there are common threads in many of these mass shootings, namely religion and mental illness. So how can average citizens help prevent such incidents? Start in your own community. Here's how.

Does Your Agency Need SWAT? Considerations for Police Administrators

By Shayne P. Leitch, graduate of American Military University

School shootings, random acts of mass violence, and the drug trade have created a necessity for even small police agencies to develop, organize, train, and deploy specialized teams of officers. What are the requirements, training, and development of SWAT members and what do administrators need to consider before developing such a specialized unit?

The Increasing Threat of the Mexican Drug Cartel in the United States

By James Deater Recently there have been horrific events unfolding in small towns throughout the United States, where the loss of life has been unimaginable. As we continue to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, utilizing our intelligence agencies and U.S. military to their fullest extent, there is a time-bomb ticking in our own backyard. Read more about the impacts of Mexican drug cartels and why, as a country, we need to recognize this is an imminent threat and do more to motivate and educate policy makers to respond.