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INLETS 2015: Exploring the Aftermath of Active Shooter Events

Mid-Atlantic Intel & Law Enforcement Training Seminar (INLETS) provides law enforcement with the opportunity to learn about national and international terrorist events directly from those who experienced it. This year's event, held on June 22-26 in Annapolis, Maryland, will feature presentations from the five law enforcement agencies involved in the Christopher Dorner manhunt, the French National Police, and officers involved in the Virginia Tech shooting. The keynote speaker for this event will be Captain Richard Phillips, whose rescue after Somali pirates hijacked his ship was famously depicted in the Hollywood movie, Captain Phillips.

FBI Offers Terrorism Training for Local & State Officers (Bonus: Outstanding Speakers AND it’s Affordable)

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

The reality is that state and local law enforcement officers are playing an increasingly important role in combatting terrorism, but they often don’t have the level of training necessary for such responsibilities.

The FBI wants to change that.

“We realized that we needed to provide training blocks on fundamental terrorism investigations and the violent crime aspect and provide tools to enhance the capability of state and local analysts,” said Special Agent Steven Shepherd, who is assigned to the Baltimore Field Office and has been with the FBI for 16 years.