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Hiding in Plain Sight: Victims of Domestic Sex-Trafficking

By Terri Galvan, adjunct faculty at American Public University System

Human trafficking is an issue that has captured the attention of the media and communities across the nation. From Atlanta to Los Angeles, it seems that no city is completely immune from this crime, with the FBI calling it “the fastest growing business of organized crime.” Despite growing awareness, our understanding of domestic trafficking victims remains incomplete, limiting the effectiveness of social service providers and law enforcement.

Law Enforcement and Legislation: “Patronize” and “Solicit” are Two Words That Make a World of Difference

By Terri Galvan, adjunct faculty at American Public University System

Can the words “patronize” and “solicit” make a difference in the fight against sex-trafficking? The current sponsors of HR 2805 think so.

As it stands, a person must recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide, obtain or maintain another human being to meet the definition of a sex-trafficker.

A New Spin on the Oldest Profession: How the Internet has Changed Prostitution

By Terri Galvan, professor at American Public University

The Internet is rapidly changing all aspects of our lives, including one of the oldest professions in the world – prostitution. For an industry that was once largely confined to well-known “strolls,” truck stops, and seedy brothels, technology has allowed for a level of growth that might be admirable if the consequences weren’t so devastating for the victims of sexual exploitation.