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Know How to Avoid Teamwork Pitfalls

Teamwork, especially among law enforcement officers, is a crucial aspect of the job. However, the effectiveness of teams is largely dependent on leadership’s commitment to teamwork and the willingness of individuals to be strong team members. AMU criminal justice professor Michelle Beshears writes about the five distinct dysfunctions that police leaders need to be aware of that could threaten effective teams within their agencies.

Strong Teamwork Needed to Solve Violent Crimes

Despite what fictional crime dramas portray, violent crimes are never solved by a lone detective or a crime-sleuthing duo. Investigating violent crimes—and specifically homicides—requires extensive teamwork. AMU criminal justice professor Nicole Cain writes about the professionals involved in solving crimes including first responders, detectives, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, medical examiners and more. Learn more about how these professionals have to work together to solve crimes.

General McChrystal on the Art of Leadership Against Today’s Enemy

AMU professor Lawrence Dietz recently attended a talk by General Stanley McChrystal who discussed the challenges of leading large, diverse groups. Learn more about how McChrystal's leadership style evolved during his military service and how he learned to treat teams as if they are individuals so that teams can effectively interact with other teams just as individuals interact with each other to provide reinforcement, support, and assistance.

During his talk, McChrystal also described the challenges of facing a new kind of enemy that was not organized in the traditional hierarchical way, but rather composed of a loose network enabled by real-time communications using mobile phones and the Internet.