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The Dangers of Undetectable Weapons

By Daniel Scorza

Undetectable weapons like the nylon fiber knife are often overlooked by police because they are intended to bypass metal detectors and security wands. However, these knives are just as capable as their metal cousins of causing great bodily harm and even death. Police must be aware of these types of weapons and enhance their security screening techniques.

Protect the Organization from Cyberattacks: Security Through Active Prevention (STAP)

Security breaches in the business world have become commonplace and can have a catastrophic impact on the organization’s people, data, and brand reputation.

True security can only be realized through a comprehensive active approach that incorporates resources throughout the organization. There simply is not a silver bullet that can provide adequate security. However, a company can work to protect itself by incorporating proactive security measures that involve the entire organizational hierarchy.

Lessons Learned From Aurora Shooting and How to Prepare for an Active Shooter

More than a week after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, questions are still being raised about what measures were in place to prevent such an incident and what, if anything, could have possibly made a difference in the outcome. To some, this may seem like hindsight and speculation, however, as with all incidents of this type, review, discussion, and (if needed) change, are critical.