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When Modern-Day Slavery Hits Home

At a dark time in U.S. history, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was at its peak, with more than 12 million people shipped to various nations only to endure punishing labor on farms and in factories, building railroads, and more. “Slavery was abolished 150 years ago and yet there are more people in slavery today than in any other time in our history,” said American Public University System (APUS) professor Michael Pittaro. Today, there are an estimated 21 million victims worldwide and only a small percentage of these victims are reported to authorities.

Human trafficking is a local issue. Read more about why community stakeholders and citizens gathered in West Virginia to learn how to recognize and fight human trafficking at the local level.

Fight or Flight: How to Cope in the Aftermath of Stressful, Life-Threatening Situations

By Rob Stallworth

It seems like a simple concept when faced with imminent danger: You either fight for your life, or you run away in order to possibly increase the odds of preserving your life. Being placed in a “flight or fight” position can increase your heart rate and pump blood to your muscles in order for you to engage the threat or get out of Dodge…quickly!