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Take a Moment to Truly Honor the Veterans

Veterans Day is upon us—only 43 shopping days left until Christmas! For many, this is what the holiday has turned into: A day that invites the frenzy of consumerism with massive sales and a federal holiday to allow people the time to shop. But there are those who will keep faith in our hearts and in our households, thanking profusely those who left bloody footprints in the mud and snow, carrying the burden before we picked up the rifle and joined them on the frontiers.

Three Ways Corrections Prepares you for a Career in Law Enforcement

By Leischen Stelter

Working in corrections is a tough job where an officer’s safety often depends on his or her ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate heightened situational awareness.

“If I had never worked in corrections and had never been in an environment dealing with dangerous prisoners, I would not have learned how to pay such close attention to my surroundings,” said Scott Roberts, who worked in corrections for four years before making the switch to his current career as a sworn police officer.