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Organized Crime’s Involvement in Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking

By Dena Weiss, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Organized crime plays a significant role in human trafficking in countries worldwide. Often beginning as a voluntary action, human trafficking quickly turns into the recruitment, transport, and control of an individual. The criminal act not only involves trafficking an individual, but also the demand for exorbitant fees to transport a person and create fraudulent passport documents.

New Orleans and Seattle Police Departments Forced to Undergo Major Reforms to Police Policies and Procedures

By Leischen Stelter It seems like every day my inbox is packed with new stories about police reform. The biggest story was the July 24th announcement by Attorney General Eric Holder of a major overhaul of the New Orleans Police Department. Holder, in conjunction with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, signed a federal consent decree that is designed to clean up NOPD. Just a few days later, the Justice Department announced a similar (but less expansive) reform of the Seattle Police Department. What's going on here?