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Transformational Leadership and the Impact on Morale, Satisfaction in Corrections

By Dr. Michael Pittaro

Those who have worked or are currently working in corrections agree that job satisfaction and morale in corrections is, and always has been, low in comparison to other criminal justice professions. Learn why corrections leaders must work to shift leadership practices from punitive-style correctional leadership practices to transformational, coaching, and mentoring leadership practices.

Is Our Approach to Sex Offender Risk and Policy on the Mark?

By Michelle Beshears, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Sex offender registration laws and policies appear to have been based on popular misconceptions regarding sex offenders. That is, law and policy were based on the premise that ALL sex offenders are a danger to society, a danger to children, strangers to their victims, and likely to reoffend (Levenson & D’Amora, 2007).

Partnerships Among Corrections and Law Enforcement: A New Wave of Public Safety?

By Rob Stallworth With budget problems slashing through every arm of various departments of corrections across the country, it’s not easy to come up with solutions that can help stop the bleeding. In Virginia for instance, the Virginia Department of Corrections has cut the fat by either not filling open positions or reducing them. However, California may have come up with an answer.