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How Intelligence Has Evolved Since Able Danger

Ten years ago today, the Senate Judiciary Committee convened a hearing to learn what a small group of military intelligence analysts had discovered about the world-wide reach of Al Qaeda and its affiliations prior to 9/11. This first hearing focused on what is known as the Able Danger program, which was the first significant data mining operation that successfully harvested and visualized massive amounts of data. Erik Kleinsmith, who was the senior military member of the Able Danger analytical team, shares lessons learned from this program as well as the ongoing challenges faced by intelligence analysts.

Draft Report on Intelligence and Communications Technology for Privacy and National Security Recommends Changes

By Jamie Smith, faculty member in the National Security Studies program at American Public University

This year, the issues of the right to privacy and the need for the government to collect information in the interest of national security came to a head when Edward Snowden revealed information related to the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) surveillance program.