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NYPD’s Bratton Highlights Plan to Reinvent Policing

At the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police annual gathering of police chiefs from around the state, police commissioner of New York City William Bratton provided his perspective on the current state of policing in the country. “The last 18 months has been a time of extraordinary challenges and opportunities for the profession,” said Bratton. “We have a new world of issues that we need to deal with, but there’s an old world of issues that are resurfacing.”

Learn more about the NYPD's focus on five strategic areas, referred to as the "5 Ts", which will guide the agency in its continued fight against crime, while at the same time bridging the gap between police and minority communities.

Don’t Fear Theory: The Role of Criminal Justice Theory on Your Department’s Policies

By Dr. Vincent Giordano Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Public University

Whenever I mention the word “theory” to students I am met with a combination of emotions, including dread, confusion and the occasional fear in regards to math! Often these mixed emotions are due to a lack of understanding of what theory is and how it impacts the study of criminal justice.