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Impacts of Synthetic Drugs Like Spice and Bath Salts on Officer Safety

By Jarrod Sadulski, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

While in the field, it is very important for law enforcement officers to understand the current trends involving synthetic drugs like Spice and bath salts. Synthetic drugs often involve the abuse of chemicals that cause hallucinogenic effects and mimic other illicit drugs such as cocaine or semi-synthetic LSD.

Depth of Knowledge

By Dennis Porter - The world of policing is changing quickly. There are new legal decisions, procedures and technical advances almost everyday. How is a police officer working irregular, unpredictable hours supposed to keep up with this? In these economic circumstances, when all budgets are being examined, how can departments afford to keep their officers’ training up-to-date? In this column I will provide some options for agencies and officers to gain free or affordable training and information.