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Police Can’t Be Perfect All the Time. Even the Best Let a Puck Through Now and Then

By Michael Sale I remember the glory days of the Toronto Maple Leafs when they won four Stanley Cups from 1962 to 1967. During the holiday break between Christmas and New Year’s, the Leafs established a tradition of holding an “open house” for one of their practices. I can still remember going to Maple Leaf Gardens to see my hockey heroes at one of those events and I often

9 Ways to Insert Yourself into Your Agency’s Succession Plan

By Jeff Kuhn Public safety agencies continue to grapple with challenges of effective succession planning brought on by the aging of baby-boomers, early retirements due to budgetary cutbacks, and lack of resources for adequate management training. The responsibility for preparing future leadership within these agencies is most commonly placed in the hands of police, fire and emergency management executives.