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Strengthen Your Agency by Planning for Your Replacement

If your police chief got hit by a bus tomorrow, would someone in your agency be ready to step into his or her role? Police chiefs need to start thinking of succession planning as a critical function of the job and work to identify and develop future leaders to avoid a leadership crisis in the agency. One of the first, and often most difficult aspects of succession planning, is asking chiefs to disclose his or her retirement plans. Learn more.

Does Your Agency Need SWAT? Considerations for Police Administrators

By Shayne P. Leitch, graduate of American Military University

School shootings, random acts of mass violence, and the drug trade have created a necessity for even small police agencies to develop, organize, train, and deploy specialized teams of officers. What are the requirements, training, and development of SWAT members and what do administrators need to consider before developing such a specialized unit?

St. Patrick’s Day Rioters Showed “Complete Disregard for Police”

By Michael Sale A recent U.S.-based survey determined that London, Ontario is one of the most desirable places to retire in all of North America. London is a wonderful city with a great reputation. Known as “the forest city,” London has a colorful history with a population exceeding 360,000 and many people consider it to be “the city with everything.” However, Londo faces many of the same challenges faced by larger centers in Canada.