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Protecting Churches: Options to Enhance Security

By Joshua L. Adams

Religious meeting places have long been considered sacred and solemn locations where no one would dare bring a firearm, let alone kill someone. This common societal norm is fading, however, in the wake of attacks on churches and mosques, where attackers have entered with the intent of killing as many people as they can. Here are security considerations for churches and places of worship.

Law Enforcement’s Role in Effective Policies to Defend Schools Against Violent Attacks

Schools present a vulnerable target to armed violence, making up nearly a quarter of active shooter incidents. While local law enforcement is uniquely organized and capable of providing the necessary resources to deter violent attacks in schools and respond to violence when it occurs, arguments for faculty arming have validity when compared to alternatives. AMU graduate student Ron Dahart writes about the importance of having a layered security approach to preparedness and response to armed attackers on school grounds. If arming faculty is deemed necessary, here are the guidelines and best practices that schools must incorporate into their policy.

Is There An “Acceptable” Amount Of Mass Violence?

By Scott Watson Incidents of mass violence have gripped national headlines for the last several weeks. In a little over a month we’ve seen shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, a house of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington D.C. and now at the Empire State Building in New York City. In an election year, it seems especially pertinent to ask: Is the U.S. population mentally prepared to deal with the fact that a certain amount of mass violence is inevitable no matter who is in power?