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How to Turn $10 into a Comfortable Retirement

A major benefit of a career in law enforcement is that officers can often retire at a fairly young age, which gives officers the opportunity to enjoy a long retirement. However, in order to be comfortable in retirement, officers need to be proactive about planning and managing money. AMU's Dr. Chuck Russo provides guidance about how proper planning and preparation starting today can provide officers with a comfortable standard of living well into their retirement years.

Memphis Police “Blue Flu” Protest Sheds Light on Limitations of Tools

By Dr. Chuck Russo, faculty member at American Military University

Most know and agree that law enforcement officers—and other public safety personnel—cannot strike. The ensuing situation would be pure chaos. If all officers, deputies, troopers, corrections officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, and other public safety personnel stayed home for a few days, things would get pretty ugly, pretty quickly.