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Give the Gift of Preparedness: Ensure Loved Ones Are Ready for Disaster

Tis the season for giving. As the last weekend before Christmas approaches, there are likely people on your list that you don’t know what to get. Consider this the perfect opportunity to show how much you care by purchasing items that could help keep them safe during an emergency. Even expected events, like snowstorms in the Northeast, can quickly escalate to an emergency if people aren’t prepared.

FEMA’s Fugate says Social Media is Valuable, but ‘No Tweet Stops the Bleeding’

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate doesn’t pretend to be the biggest proponent of social media or even technology in general. “I don’t care about the technology, what I care about is what people use to communicate, the information they share and things they are doing that can help me make a better decision faster–not necessarily more accurate, but faster—to change outcomes,” he said during a February 3 presentation the Tech@State conference.