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Police Training and Tactics Adjusting to Meet a Canadian Version of the Sovereign Citizen Movement

By Michael Sale

My introduction to the sovereign citizen movement actually took place in Montreal in 2011 when American Military University (AMU) was exhibiting at an emergency management conference hosted, in part, by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. An intelligence officer from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was sharing a training video that was circulating in the United States, featuring Chief Bob Paudert of the West Memphis, Arkansas, Police Department.

The Value of Police Video Training: A Look at Ontario’s Police Video Training Alliance

By Michael Sale

As I returned home from the annual re-training conference of the FBI National Academy Associates, I could see the Purolator sticker on the front door when I pulled into the driveway. I wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered while I was away, but my curiosity piqued when I arrived at the local depot the next morning and was handed a large, bulky envelope from the Niagara Regional Police.

Planning for Major Events is Always a Challenge and More Complex Than Ever

By Michael Sale, American Military University

I was a nineteen-year-old cadet with the Metropolitan Toronto Police when I was exposed to my first major public event: Two Toronto concerts at Maple Leaf Gardens as part of the Rolling Stones’ 1972 North American Tour. It seems quite amazing when one thinks of all the modern Stones concerts in Toronto and the extent to which they are part of a normal event-planning routine.