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What Law Enforcement Can Learn from Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Law enforcement agencies around the country must learn from the impacts of Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana so they are prepared for similar legislation in their own communities. “The sea has shifted about marijuana whether you like it or not,” Pete Dunbar told a group of California law enforcement leaders. “You might not want to have it legalized, but learn from Colorado and look what could happen when you don’t think legislation will pass.” Read more about how agencies must advocate for funding to train police officers about marijuana laws as well as set up data collection systems to track the impacts of such legislation.

Marijuana is Legal in Colorado, So Why is There a Rise in Hospitalizations Caused by Synthetic Marijuana?

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report that synthetic marijuana is believed to have sickened 221 people in Colorado during a month-long outbreak in August of this year. While no one died from this outbreak, this report is very troubling.

Why are people still using synthetic marijuana—which is ILLEGAL—when Colorado just LEGALIZED real marijuana?

Medical Marijuana in the South: Will the Southern States be Influenced to Change Their Policies?

 By Dr. Vincent Giordano, Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Public University

Conventional wisdom holds that Southern states will never legalize marijuana, medical or otherwise, due to the various political, religious, and cultural issues that are unique to the region. The two most powerful states in the region, Texas and Florida, are traditionally conservative politically.

Medical Marijuana: Is it the Pathway to Legalization?

By Vincent Giordano In 1996, California was the first state to legalize small amounts of marijuana for medical use. Soon after, dozens of other states followed California’s lead with little regard for the federal law prohibiting the sale of marijuana. The question remains to be resolved if medical marijuana is “ruse” to work toward total legalization, and that medical marijuana is simply being diverted to people with no true ailment?