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Pursuits, Use of Force, and the Influence of Public Perceptions on Policing

Some of us in law enforcement remember when high-speed pursuits were the order of the day. Patrol cars with powerful engines, great tires, and tuned suspensions were a warning to anyone who thought about trying to run from the police. Pursuits that involved police from multiple jurisdictions and covered long distances were fairly common.

Then, something happened.

Learn more about how public perception has driven change in policing and the battle currently being fought about police use of force.

Strong Community Relations Among the Lessons of Ferguson

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

As tension and violence continued to escalate this past weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, there remains intense scrutiny about the response by police. Some vocal critics, like Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, accuse the department of being heavy-handed by using tear gas and other crowd disbursement techniques on peaceful protestors.

Being Prepared to Deal with a Large-Scale Incident Requires Effective Use of Social Media

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

How well are you prepared to communicate with the public during a crisis? Has your department conducted training exercises that incorporate the use of social media? Do you have a public information officer (PIO) who is authorized (and capable) of sending out social media updates in the midst of an emergency without going through the “normal” authoritative channels?