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Departments Must Train Citizens to be First Responders During Active Shootings

By Justin Baumgartner

The San Bernardino mass shooting is evidence that active shootings are on the rise. To help prepare a community for an active shooter event, public safety agencies must first change the definition of who is considered a first responder. Agencies must train average citizens as first responders who can assist professional emergency responders and help reduce the number of casualties. Learn how the Glendale Police Department in Colorado has conducted an active shooter training program based on the Run Hide Fight Treat program.

Getting to the Heart of Issues Behind Mass Shootings

After the deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, a very intelligent friend of mine posted a question on social media that got me thinking. He asked: “When are Americans going to do something about their angry 20-year-old white men with guns?” While such tragedies continue to incite the debate about gun control, it is important to remember that a gun is just a tool and such horrific incidents are perpetrated by people of all races. But there are common threads in many of these mass shootings, namely religion and mental illness. So how can average citizens help prevent such incidents? Start in your own community. Here's how.

Police Chief Responds to Movie Theater Massacre: Confirms 71 People Injured, 12 Dead

By Leischen Stelter During a press conference on July 20, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates briefed reporters about the tragic incident that occurred in the early morning hours inside the Century 16 Theatre in Aurora, Colorado. During the conference, Chief Oates confirmed that at 12:39am, a lone gunman entered through the back exit of theater nine during the midnight premier showing The Dark Knight Rises. The theater was packed, Chief Oates said, with four sold-out midnight showings of the movie. He was unable to say exactly how many people were in theater nine during the shooting.