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Critical Incident Stress Management Interventions Help Heal First Responders

Officer-involved shootings, line-of-duty deaths and injuries, child victims, employee suicide, and mass-casualty incidents are all events that can trigger traumatic-stress disorders for first responders. If post-traumatic stress is not addressed, it can often lead to faulty decision making, increased disciplinary problems, tardiness, on-the-job accidents, citizen complaints, and officer turnover.

Agencies need to take proactive steps to help officers heal by implementing a critical incident stress management (CISM) program to mitigate long-term mental-health issues for first responders.

No Officers Killed by Gunfire in January, But Still Too Many Duty Deaths

January 2015 was a good month for the law enforcement community. It was the first month since September 2011 that there were no felonious gunfire deaths of law enforcement officers in the United States. This is only the third month since 1985 in which no law enforcement gunfire deaths occurred. While this is good news for police, there are still too many line-of-duty deaths, many of which are preventable.

National Police Week and Reflecting on FBI’s 2013 Line-of-Duty Deaths Report

By Mark Bond, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

As the nation’s law enforcement family gathers in Washington, D.C. this week for National Police Week to celebrate the lives of fallen law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty to protect their communities, the FBI released preliminary statically data for law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty for 2013.