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Autism Awareness: 5 Steps to Adapt your Response

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is on the rise. In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that 1 in 50 U.S. schoolchildren are diagnosed with ASD. That is up significantly from previous estimates of 1 in 88 children.

Training and Leadership Challenges During WA Mudslide Rescue

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

Even for someone as highly trained and experienced as Jack Reall, who has been involved with Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) for 20 years, the catastrophic destruction of the March 22 landslide in Oso, Washington was incomprehensible.

“It’s being referred to as a ‘mudslide,’ which makes you think of soupy mud coming down the mountain, but in reality that land was moving at speeds of 100 miles an hour when it impacted other materials,” said Reall.

Are Conflicting Comments by Obama on Marijuana Policy Undermining Law Enforcement’s Drug War?

By Joseph Kripp, consultant with American Military University and
Leischen Stelter, member of the public safety team at American Military University

The debate concerning the legalization of marijuana has taken a new turn in recent months with 20 states now approving the use of marijuana for medicinal uses, and two others (Washington and Colorado) approving it for recreational use in small amounts.

Combatting Human Trafficking Networks within Prison Walls

By Leischen Stelter, editor of In Public Safety

For years, John Meekins* heard inmates talk about how they had been prostituted and held captive by pimps. As a corrections officer, he often considered it part of the lifestyle of many drug abusers, but it wasn’t until he attended a conference on human trafficking that he quickly realized many of these inmates were likely victims of human trafficking—and that he had done nothing to stop it.