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Why Do Agencies Have Reserve Officers?

In the United States, there are more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies with less than 100 sworn personnel. In order to balance community needs with fiscal constraints, many departments have turned to reserve or part-time officers to complement full-time sworn personnel. However, when something like the incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma happens—a reserve deputy sheriff fatally shot an unarmed man—it is important to consider who these reserve officers are.

Why Partnering with the Department of Corrections is Vital to Public Safety

By Leischen Stelter Probation officers and correctional officers have a lot to offer law enforcement, he says, namely intelligence and information. Often times, corrections officers gather information from inmates who are suspected to be involved in gang activities or other potentially dangerous affiliations like sovereign citizen groups and white supremacists. It’s important for these officers to share this information with police, since the issues that happen inside an institution will eventually flow out onto the streets.