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The Need for a Robust Victim Assistance Program

Victim assistance programs (VAPs) are a critical component of any law enforcement agency. These services protect and promote the interests of victims, witnesses, families, and the community and provide support during and after an incident. Learn how agencies can institute robust victim services by working closely with community organizations and local volunteers.

Unequal Disciplinary Actions for Officers After Shooting Deaths

In recent months, the news has been rife with stories about police officers shooting and killing civilians. While each incident has unique aspects, there are also commonalities. One question that remains unanswered by the law enforcement community is: If an investigation finds no criminal behavior by the victim, should disciplinary action be taken against the officer(s)? AMU professor Gary Minor examines this question and draws comparisons between two similar incidents that have very different outcomes for the officers involved.

Bias-Based Policing: A Felony in Some States

By Michael Beshears, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Individuals typically cannot define exactly what constitutes bias-based policing. Bias-based policing is often misinterpreted as pertaining to just racial profiling. However, bias-based policing not only encompasses race and ethnicity, but it also includes gender, sexual orientation, economic status, religious beliefs, and age.