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Q&A on the Forensic Evidence Presented in Steven Avery’s Case

By Jennifer Bucholtz

In January, I wrote an article about the forensic evidence presented in Steven Avery’s trial. This article sparked interest from many people including a group of high school students enrolled in a forensic science class. The teacher asked if students could send me questions related to the forensic evidence of the case. Here are their questions and my answers. 

A Message to Veterans, From Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day, American Military University asked some of our faculty members who served in the military to discuss the benefits of being a veteran, the greatest challenges they faced, what advice they would give new veterans, and the best way the public can thank veterans. Hear from seven of our faculty members about their experiences. 

Careers in Forensics: Investigating Death

By Jennifer Bucholtz

Working as a medico-legal death investigator for a medical examiner or coroner is not for the faint of heart. Not only is it gruesome, but it is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. However, it is also a career that is rewarding, fascinating, and continuously educational.