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How Jahiliyyah Provides an Ideological Platform for Islamic Terrorists

By Dr. James Hess

Ideology is one of the most important factors when seeking to understand the roots of terrorism. The terrorist groups ISIS and Al Qae’da have incorporated a motivating concept, called “jahiliyyah,” into their religious ideology, and made it the central focus of the group’s self-validation efforts. Learn more about jahiliyyah and how it's used by terror groups.

The Evolution of Modern Terrorism

Terrorism was present in America 100 years before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Given this history with terrorism, Dr. James Hess discusses the roots of modern terrorism, the scholarly perspective on the evolution of terrorism, and the importance of understanding the motivations and strategies of terrorists.

The Challenge of Defining Terrorism Around the World

What exactly is terrorism? Those familiar with the study of terrorism know that there is not a universally accepted definition. However, there are many similarities in most accepted definitions. AMU intelligence studies professor Dr. James Hess discusses how the United Nations and United States define terrorism and the key differences between these definitions.