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Protecting Yourself Online: Are You Being Careful?

Dr. Adnan A. Chawdhry faculty member, Information Technology at American Military University

From simple online web surfing to the availability of e-commerce on our phones and tablets, many people leverage these conveniences with little regard to the associated security risks. In recent months, a number of cyberattacks on large organizations like Home Depot, Target, Apple, and JP Morgan Chase have compromised customer-specific private information.

The Rise of Cybercrime Means Endless Career Opportunities for Security Experts

By Derrick Thomas
Adjunct Instructor of Cybersecurity at American Military University

Within the past 20 years, computers and electronic devices have integrated themselves into most people’s lives. Gone are the days of writing information on paper—now most information is stored electronically.

While this shift has made information available and easier to exchange, there has also been a rapid increase in criminal activity.