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Explore Your Intellectual Curiosity as an Academic Researcher

Academic culture, at its core, is based on intellectual curiosity and pursuit of the unknown. In a university setting, such curiosity is fulfilled by conducting academic research. While many people often think of faculty members as being primary researchers, it is often the contributions of students that make research projects possible. Two AMU program directors write about the various opportunities students and faculty members have to participate in research as well as the benefits of collaborative research. What research project will you take on next?

What’s in a Flag? The Union Jack and the Identity Crisis in Belfast

By Dr. Elena Mastors, vice president and former dean &
Dr. Nicole Burtchett, associate professor of Intelligence Studies, School of Security and Global Studies at American Public University

In the United States, our national flag is raised and lowered with little controversy. Not so in Northern Ireland, where recent legislation about the flying of the British flag brought to the surface issues of equity between: British Protestants and Irish Catholics.