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How To Become the Best Dope Cop In Your Department

By Keith Graves, Criminal Justice
At some point in your law enforcement career, you choose a path to follow. This path leads you to a type of policing that you enjoy and can hopefully get a special assignment in, so you can pursue this interest. For me, I chose narcotics investigations. Here are five steps to become the best dope cop in your department.

Managing the Stress of a Career in Intelligence

By Dr. Valerie E. Davis, American Public University

The job of an intelligence analyst is often very stressful due to the nature of the work and intense pressures to deliver information in a short amount of time. AMU intelligence studies professor Dr. Valerie Davis writes about the importance for intel analysts to learn how to recognize and identify stress and understand effective ways to manage it. 

Terrorist Brothers: A Common Bond in Extremist Circles

One of the most interesting facts about the terrorist attacks in Paris is that a pair of brothers was involved. For the intelligence analyst, understanding family connections in a terror group is critical. Counterterror analysts go to great lengths to understand the organization of terrorist and extremist groups in an effort to profile and predict their operations. AMU's Erik Kleinsmith, a former Army Intelligence Officer, discusses how the appearance of brothers and other family members within a terror organization can provide counterterrorism analysts with potential patterns and trends that require further analysis. Here are seven things to consider.