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Obama Addresses Police Funding, Gun Control Laws, and Need for Reform at IACP

President Obama delivered a nearly hour-long address during the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference in an effort to gain support from law enforcement for his efforts to reform the criminal justice system and implement stricter gun-control laws. To build support from this skeptical audience, Obama delivered a speech that addressed many of the challenges police face and offered measures such as increasing budgets so agencies can hire more officers to focus on enhancing community relationships. Learn more about what Obama proposed to help police agencies across the nation. 

What Events Will You Attend This Year?

As a police officer, it's important to attend professional events every year to learn about new technologies, law enforcement best practices, as well as network with your fellow officers. While large national events like IACP have a lot to offer, be sure to check out smaller, regional events like INLETS. This year's program promises impressive speakers and outstanding educational sessions. What events will you attend this year?

Marijuana is Legal in Colorado, So Why is There a Rise in Hospitalizations Caused by Synthetic Marijuana?

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report that synthetic marijuana is believed to have sickened 221 people in Colorado during a month-long outbreak in August of this year. While no one died from this outbreak, this report is very troubling.

Why are people still using synthetic marijuana—which is ILLEGAL—when Colorado just LEGALIZED real marijuana?

Lessons Shared: Police Chiefs Who Have Made the Transition to Emergency Management

By Leischen Stelter

The roles and responsibilities of law enforcement are constantly shifting. One topic I have been particularly interested in lately is the merging of law enforcement and emergency management responsibilities.

During the last year, I heard from numerous police officials tasked with emergency management responsibilities, sometimes in addition to their normal duties.