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Father’s Day: The Challenges of Fatherhood in the Force

This Father’s Day weekend is a time to thank all the fathers who work in law enforcement, both current and retired, and to celebrate the strength of law enforcement families. Officers know that being a parent and a police officer—whether you are a mother or a father—is extremely challenging and requires many family sacrifices. The children and spouses of police fathers need to celebrate these courageous men AND officers need to remember what is important in life.

Life of a Police Officer: Honoring the Sacrifices of Children and Families

In honor of National Police Week, it is important to recognize the sacrifices made by law enforcement families. Due to the nature of police work, being a police officer can have major impacts on an officer’s family—especially on their children—so it’s important this week to honor both officers and their families. AMU professor Michelle Beshears writes about how police officers can help their families manage the stress caused by a career in law enforcement.