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Fire Apparatus Safety Programs and Fleet Purchasing Considerations

The occurrence of emergency vehicle accidents is surprisingly high, with well over 10,000 incidents a year in the United States. Preventing such accidents should be a high priority for fire chiefs and department leaders. Bill Jenaway, who was a fire chief for 25 of his 45-year fire service career, discusses best practices for developing a comprehensive fleet development and safety program and strategies for purchasing new vehicles.

Why are so many Firefighters Going Back to School? Research Focuses on Education Trends in the Fire Service

American Military University Professor Robert Ditch recently conducted a research project studying why fire service members are choosing to go back to school. He spoke about his research findings to Fire Chief Magazine during the Officer Development Program at Fire-Rescue International.

[Check out the full video here]

Professor Ditch discussed the trends in higher education and the factors influencing fire service members—from chiefs on down the ranks—to get their degrees.