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Being Prepared to Deal with a Large-Scale Incident Requires Effective Use of Social Media

By Leischen Stelter, American Military University

How well are you prepared to communicate with the public during a crisis? Has your department conducted training exercises that incorporate the use of social media? Do you have a public information officer (PIO) who is authorized (and capable) of sending out social media updates in the midst of an emergency without going through the “normal” authoritative channels?

When Social Networking Goes Bad: Know Your Limits for Sharing

As a law enforcement officer, it's important to understand how social media works, how the general public uses it, and some of the dangers involved in some of the most popular social media features. In today’s “total transparency” world, it is expected that many police officers and public officials will have a presence in social media, too, so it's even more critical to understand how these platforms work.