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What Law Enforcement Can Learn from Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Law enforcement agencies around the country must learn from the impacts of Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana so they are prepared for similar legislation in their own communities. “The sea has shifted about marijuana whether you like it or not,” Pete Dunbar told a group of California law enforcement leaders. “You might not want to have it legalized, but learn from Colorado and look what could happen when you don’t think legislation will pass.” Read more about how agencies must advocate for funding to train police officers about marijuana laws as well as set up data collection systems to track the impacts of such legislation.

Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use: What Does it Mean for the U.S. Criminal Justice Field?

By Vincent Giordano This year’s election was a contentious one. No matter who you might have supported for President, it is clear that most of us ignored the fact that two states (Colorado and Washington) had ballot initiatives to legalize the use of small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes, and Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of legalized medical marijuana. Many have cited fears that medical marijuana is nothing but a spring board for the total legalization of marijuana, but until the 2012 election, total legalization of marijuana had not come to pass. What does this legislation mean for the law enforcement community?