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Public Safety Concerns: How to be Prepared for Budget Cuts

By Allison G. S. Knox, M.A., EMT-B; Faculty, American Military University

Since the 2008 bail out, Americans and members of the government, respectively, have been increasingly concerned about the health of the American economy. Slowly, Americans have watched companies downsize, witnessed job shortages throughout the country, and, in some places, seen their taxes increase.

10 Steps for Starting a CERT Program in Your Area

By Dr. Shana Nicholson, faculty member, Emergency and Disaster Management at American Military University

For almost 20 years, I have been an active member of the emergency medical services (EMS), fire science, and public safety profession. I have seen many advancements during my time in the field and I am gratified to see yet another important area being developed—community involvement during a crisis.