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Zika Virus and EMS Patient Assessment

By Allison G. S. Knox

The Zika virus has been on the forefront of public health concerns in the United States. It is highly possible that EMTs will start getting calls of people self-reporting a Zika infection. EMTs generally run through a list of assessment questions regarding a patient’s status and must add the possibility of Zika infection to their line of questioning.

Budget Cuts Threaten EMS and Emergency Management Agencies

In the wake of the 2008 great recession, budgets and financial concerns have been at the forefront of policy making throughout the United States. Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements about working in emergency management and emergency medical services (EMS) are the constant threat of budget cuts. Citizens are also impacted by such budget cuts and many communities are facing cuts to their 9-1-1 emergency system. Read more from AMU professor Allison Knox about budget cuts and the impacts it has on public safety and emergency response.

Benefits of Transitioning to a Quality Improvement (QI) Program

As emergency medical services (EMS) managers, quality assurance (QA) can be a struggle when it comes to guiding our staff. It is imperative that we ensure staff is not only treating patients appropriately, but that we document this care within the appropriate guidelines and medical protocols. Learn why medical professionals are increasingly transitioning to a Quality Improvement (QI) program for peer review of patient care records. Should your agency make the switch?