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Interested in a Career in Criminal Forensics? Perspectives from the Field

By Dena Weiss, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

The dynamics involved in crime scene examination have captured the hearts of Americans, often through exciting portrayals on television dramas and movies. Gathering forensic evidence has been portrayed by the media as being easily seen, quickly collected, and rapidly analyzed—resulting in solved cases in a matter of hours.

Lessons From Space: What Law Enforcement Officers can Learn about Teamwork and Leadership

Law enforcement and space travel share a high degree of risk in much of what they are required to do ---the margins for error in both professions are very narrow! Dr. James Reilly, Associate Vice President at American Military University, shared lessons he learned about teamwork and leadership from his 13 years working for NASA as an astronaut. Learn more about their successes and failures and how this can be applied to your career.

In Pursuit of Knowledge: Nontraditional Degree Programs for LEOs

By Dennis Porter Many officers are pursuing college degrees to advance their careers. An officer with a degree is more likely to stay with his or her agency longer and less likely to receive discipline. They are often better suited to take on higher-level positions. Many supervisors encourage officers to earn degrees in nontraditional subjects that will help them develop skills and knowledge that will shape them into well-rounded people. Read more about some of the most common nontraditional degree programs for LEOs.