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Excessive or Necessary? Educating the Public and Officers on Proper Use of Force

While there are police officers who may “willfully and wrongfully” utilize excessive force, use of force is often caused by the inability of police—either the individual officer or the organization—to employ better solutions when dealing with certain violent situations. Make no mistake, use of force by police is often necessary. When used within the context of the law and under the correct circumstances, force is most certainly appropriate. Here are suggestions about how agencies can enhance training of officers and better educate the public, as well as the media, on the proper use of force and what that might entail.

First Aid Courses are an Opportunity to Build Support for EMS

Throughout the United States, many individuals receive first aid training so they know how to handle very basic emergencies. First aid classes are extremely beneficial for training the public about emergency care. In addition to such training, it is also important for first aid and CPR instructors to take the opportunity to explain the overall structure of emergency medical services (EMS) and the emergency system as a whole to these students.