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Questionable Police Reform: New Orleans PD Axes Education Requirement

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) decided on Feb. 9 that it will no longer require recruits to have 60 hours of college credit or two years of military experience. Leaders justified the action by saying the agency is understaffed and the education mandate made it too difficult to hire officers. For an agency that is currently undergoing the most sweeping police reform program ever enacted by the Department of Justice, is this really the best step towards improvement?

How the “Father of Law Enforcement” Created an Academic Vision for Criminal Justice that Lives on Today

By Mark Bond, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

The person who championed American criminal justice studies into a formal academic discipline is August Vollmer, the first Police Chief of the Berkeley Police Department in California.

In 1916, with the experience and knowledge learned from modernizing the Berkeley Police Department, August Vollmer petitioned the University of California at Berkeley with a revolutionary idea to approach the profession of law enforcement through academic research and study.