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Correctional Officers Are Killing Themselves

The suicide rate among correctional officers is significantly higher than other occupations and twice as high as police officers. Yet, the topic of suicide and the stressors contributing to suicide are rarely discussed. AMU professor Michael Pittaro recently presented to correctional representatives from 14 southern states about suicide awareness and the need for a change in leadership style.

Reach Out to Those Who Are Hurting

Having been in law enforcement for many years, I have seen fellow police officers struggle with stress, financial problems, family life-changing events, time management issues, PTSD, and several other issues that affect their mental health. Whether you are a coworker or family member, we all must recognize the warning signs or symptoms of depression and distress and then help those who are impacted. In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, read more about common signs and symptoms of someone who may have a mental health condition.

Fight or Flight: How to Cope in the Aftermath of Stressful, Life-Threatening Situations

By Rob Stallworth

It seems like a simple concept when faced with imminent danger: You either fight for your life, or you run away in order to possibly increase the odds of preserving your life. Being placed in a “flight or fight” position can increase your heart rate and pump blood to your muscles in order for you to engage the threat or get out of Dodge…quickly!