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Will DOJ’s New Domestic Terrorism Counsel Make a Difference?

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the creation of a new office, the domestic terrorism counsel, which will focus on countering homegrown extremists. However, much of the responsibility to fight domestic terrorism has fallen on the shoulders of local law enforcement. Will the DOJ’s creation of the domestic terrorism counsel help determine how law enforcement fits into the fight against domestic terrorism?

Situational and Cultural Factors Influencing Intimate Partner Violence

Domestic violence often occurs as an acute incident at first, however, time and situational factors can increase the number of incidents as well as the level of violence. Data have shown that certain racial groups and socioeconomic groups are more susceptible to experiencing domestic violence. It's important for authorities to understand how IPV is influenced by situational and cultural factors so they can help identify individuals who are most susceptible to abuse and provide them with assistance and resources immediately.

Questionable Police Reform: New Orleans PD Axes Education Requirement

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) decided on Feb. 9 that it will no longer require recruits to have 60 hours of college credit or two years of military experience. Leaders justified the action by saying the agency is understaffed and the education mandate made it too difficult to hire officers. For an agency that is currently undergoing the most sweeping police reform program ever enacted by the Department of Justice, is this really the best step towards improvement?