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Can Police Officers Search a Suspect’s Cellphone? Supreme Court May Soon Decide

By Leischen Stelter

In the coming months, expect to see several cases in the U.S. Supreme Court that revolve around privacy rights, technology and the Fourth Amendment’s rights regarding search and seizure.

An article in today’s issue of USA Today points to two such cases that the Supreme Court may take on about whether or not police have the right to search mobile devices without first obtaining a warrant.

The Era of Digital Policing: Keeping Up with a Treasure Trove of Electronic Evidence

By Leischen Stelter

Smartphones, laptops, GPS devices, tablets: Chances are you have one of these on you right now. 

Thanks to the plethora of electronic devices, nearly every move a person makes today has the potential to be digitally recorded, stored and, thus, retrievable. This boom in digital devices offers law enforcement a wealth of information for investigations, but do agencies and frontline officers have the skills and technical expertise to handle this treasure trove of digital evidence?